Mythical location just outside Håcksvik. “Kisteberget” has a deep karst formation that you can go down into. It’s rumoured that there’s ancient treasure buried there. You wouldn’t be the first to try to salvage it because many have tried before, and failed. If the legend is correct, it would be gold coins worth a king’s ransom. It would be quite an advantage if there were several of you in the party because there is a challenging cleft in the rocks that you might like to take on. It’s narrow, high and winding, so you might get a few butterflies in the stomach when you squeeze your way in and clamber down to the bottom. Once there, you can certainly sense the lightly damp air that greets you from the high rock walls and the thought hits you that this is a place you want to be sure to be able to get out of. At the same time, the heart beats a little faster and you are proud and satisfied when you do come out. Certainly worth a cup of coffee from the picnic basket!

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512 95 Håcksvik
Drive from Håcksvik towards Sjötofta for about 500 meters. Then follow signs on the left side.