(Kindaholm’s tour)

Round loop between the villages: Östra
Frölunda, Håcksvik, Kalv and Mårdaklev. Starts
from-and ends at-Östra Frölunda church. The
Kindaholm’s tour goes on gravel roads and
smaller asphalt roads and nature is constantly
changing with deciduous forests, streams,
spruce forests and meadows every now and
then. Here the terrain is relatively fl at and the
area is quiet and beautiful. Accommodation,
café, shop, cooling bath and a host of cultural
attractions, are located along the route. Two
nature reserves are also close by. A bike ride
with the possibility of refl ection and peace of
mind. Cycling by stage description.

Östra Frölunda – Håcksvik – Kalv – Mårdaklev
47 kilometers